Coach & Advisor.

Venture Investor.


As a coach I help teams and individuals find  clarity and come into their glorious strength. Much like the rhythm and harmony I thrive on as a musician.

I invest in „the emerging science & technology of health & happiness“ with Joyance Partners and advise the European Commission on its Horizon 2020 programme.


My Services.

Management Workshops.

I deliver intensive workshops about scaling, finance & org dev to kick off and structure work streams with founders of growing companies & their teams. I then continue coaching them where necessary.

These workshops can cover a range of topics, and will be tailored based on my clients' briefings.

Executive Coaching.

Founders and executives work with me to reconnect with their purpose and talk through challenges in confidence.


I help them uncover new perspectives and hold them accountable for decisive action.


"Anybody can play. The note is only 20 percent. The attitude of the motherfucker who plays it is 80 percent."

Miles Davis


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